Badam ka Sheera or Badam Kheer/Almond Pudding or Drink

Ground almond
Ground almond

I remember refusing to buy almond meal the first and only time I attempted to make macarons. But I wanted to make the Indian almond pudding or almond drink, and I was feeling lazy about grinding almonds. Whatever fits the mood, I guess. So instead, I bought some almond meal.

I used a lot of different recipes as guides, but this, mostly. Because it sounded authentic. But well, I am beginning my recipe with ground almonds, so maybe I should not mind being authentic at all 😛


I placed the ground almonds, about 70g in all, in a pan and added enough milk to make it into a paste.  I added a bit of butter (I didn’t have nor was willing to make ghee) since this was supposed to add some richness to the dish. I let this cook for a bit and then added some more milk and condensed milk as well. But I eventually stuck to sugar since this tasted better. I let this thicken a bit, and also added some saffron strands. I put some cardamom pods to add flavor, as well as a bit of nutmeg. I added a bit of salt to heighten the flavors, then placed in ramekins to cool.

I super super super dooper loved it 🙂 It is still not the Indian dessert that I have tried from long ago, but at least now the flavors are familiar. If anybody wants to take me up on an Indian dessert cooking class, I’ll happily go 🙂

Oh. But mom and ate didn’t like the pudding. They didn’t like the gulab jamun I made a few years back as well…sooooo. 😦

Indian Almond Pudding Recipe

70 g of ground almond
1.5 to 2 cups of milk
1 teaspoon of butter
condensed milk, to taste
sugar, to taste
cardamom pods, about 4
nutmeg, grated

Mix over low fire the ground almonds, enough milk to moisten the mixture, and the butter. Allow this to cook a bit until it gets toasty. Slowly add in the rest of the milk, along with either the condensed milk or sugar, or both, stirring continuously. Add the spices, both the cardamom and nutmeg and allow the flavors to steep into the milk. Pour into ramekins and cool. Once cold, add some slivered or whole almonds.


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