Fried Hainanese Chicken

We like Hainanese Chicken in the household, and it was the dish that gave me the first jump into Pinoy Master Chef (which I eventually got disqualified from, I cannot stand waiting during reality shows). But mom doesn’t like the just boiled look of chicken, though oddly enough, she likes chicken tinola, which is almost the same as the Hainanese, except it is served with the soup. But oh well.

Tried it, doesn't really taste any different. :)
Tried it, doesn’t really taste any different, and actually looks prettier too 🙂

I remember always being asked when we were in Singapore about eating roasted Hainanese chicken, and this would be served with uh, some grill marks. How different would it be to fry it instead? So I made a batch of the chicken and served some as is, and some fried, all with lots of the ginger sauce. Yuuuum. Better feedback from the iffy ones. 🙂


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