Winged Bean Salad

The fridge has been overflowing with everything that I just opened the fridge and grabbed what looks like it needs to be used. So what I saw was our sigarilyas. Sigarilyas is also called winged bean, or also in the vernacular, sigadilyas. I have no picture of it fresh and its normal state. And as I said, it was beginning to cry to be used that I don’t think any picture will do it justice.

I do love sigarilyas, cooked in the Filipino way of cooking it in coconut milk. But that won’t fare well with the other dish I was preparing, so I hunted for other recipes online. I found this recipe of Winged Bean Salad. It is a Thai dish, and curiously also used coconut milk, at least in its dressing. But I guess everything else was different.

My mom was very much against me making this, saying I would ruin the dish, etc. etc. But I persisted and glad I did. This turned out very simple and yummy. I should look at Thai salads more often! 🙂

Pretty colors :)
Pretty colors 🙂

Winged Bean Salad Recipe, as adapted from the link above

3 cups of winged bean
dried chili
shallots, or onion
canola oil
1 1/2 cups of coconut milk
fish sauce
shrimp broth cube
tamarind paste (I used tamarind soup powder, and reduced salt)
chili sauce

Remove the tips and the strings that go with it. Wash thoroughly. Blanch the winged beans for at least a minute in salted boiling water, and then place in cold water afterwards. Do this in batches to ensure that all are cooked and cooled through. Cut into 1/4 to 1/2 inch long pieces. Set aside.

Slice the shallots or onion very very thin, and fry in low heat until almost brown and set aside. In the same oil, fry the dried chili until crispy. Toss with the onion. Set aside.

For the dressing, boil the coconut milk over low fire while mixing. The rest of the ingredients vary to taste. But mix in first the shrimp broth cube, about 1/3 only and allow to melt. Add the fish sauce, making sure to taste before adding (broth cubes are salt laden). Add a bit of tamarind paste or powder, and sugar. djust with the chili sauce and lemon. All of the flavors should shine through, which is characteristic of a lot of Thai dipping sauces. If this has thickened, it can be used as is. But I added cornstarch to ours to make it thicker. 🙂 Cool.

Place in a bowl or plate all of the winged beans. Top with the crushed peanuts, then the onion and chili mixture.

Fried onions, and chili on top
Fried onions, and chili on top

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