Anchovy, Olives and Garlic Pasta

My lack of inspiration for the past few days is cumulative of resting, being picky with what I want to eat now, and directing my creative energy else where. Through where you may ask? Painting. I have been painting for a while now (I switched from pencils) but have been using acrylic. Watercolor seems to hate me so I decided to study it. I’m still painting apples and pears (they look like avocadoes, really), but I do love my sky and sea sceneries whenever I get the chance.

My pears.
My pears.

But on one day that I was feeling hungry, I made an easy attempt at pasta. Cooked noodles tossed with sauteed anchovy, garlic, olives, and a bit of milk. It was that easy. Top with chili flakes and ground pepper, and the pasta brought me to simplicity heaven. Of course, these recipes are one ditch effort. I was cooking to eat, not because I want to cook. And that in itself is already saddening. But in the meantime, I’ll bring out my watercolor and start painting again. Or at least attempt to paint again. 🙂



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