Garlic Soup

I love garlic to an intense (and insane) degree. If it was not for keeping my natural scent acceptable (you do know that garlic smells escape from the skin as well?) or my breath livable, I do not put it in everything I cook. 🙂 Or at least not overpoweringly so.

But I have some good broth from my ramen escapade and I knew we liked good soup. So I decided to make use of it. I was just thinking of making the flavors just right with a bit of salt and whole garlic cloves, then add some misua (noodles), and it was good. But upon adding and adding flavors, I found that adding a little bit of everything makes the flavor more deep and wonderful. So the things I added included: salt, sugar, calamansi juice, pepper, whole peeled garlic cloves, and thumb-sized ginger. The flavors were great. Simple clear broth, with sass. I have no idea what the calamansi flavors did, but it rounded the broth. and the ginger? Well, it got ride of some of the lansa (usually referred to the fishy flavor, but in this case, piggy flavors).

And that was it. Simple flavors, yes. But to get there involved a lot of trial and error. 🙂

Simple broth
Simple broth

Garlic Soup Recipe

1.5 cups of broth
2 cups water
5 garlic cloves, peeled and kept whole
1 thumbsize ginger kept whole
calamansi juice
misua noodles

With the garlic and noodles
With the garlic and noodles

Boil the broth, water, salt, ginger, and garlic all together. Season with a little bit of everything that follows and suit to your taste. Our soup tasted like plain broth with a hint of sourness at the end, but very cloyingly so. 🙂 Add the noodles and serve as is.


2 thoughts on “Garlic Soup

  1. I love garlic a lot as well! I have a friend who does not like garlic and onions, and when we are eating pizza, I couldn’t help but pity her! 😀 Garlic have amazing health benefits and I don’t want to miss them.

    I’d like to try this recipe. Seems very simple but healthy.

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