Yum :)
Yum 🙂

I always try to cook at home the things that I like eating out. Or the things that my family likes eating out. Because it’s a cheaper treat. And it’s a fun experiment. So I have been raving about Yushoken to all my friends, but I have finally made it! On my first try! Thanks to THIS BRILLIANT RECIPE! It took some effort, really, and you get to understand why ramen is expensive. 🙂

First the broth. I bought 3 kilos of pork trotters, along with 1 kilo of chicken back and boiled this for almost two hours. I first rinsed the pork, boiled it once, threw out the water, washed the pork again and boiled it along with the chicken bones. Why all the trouble for the rinse and boil and rinse? Well, the ramen is supposed to have a milky white broth. The first boil allows most of the blood to be cooked off, which you will see upon rinsing. This keeps the broth clean. The chicken pieces will eventually fall apart, along with most of the trotters. But I ended up cooking this again adobo style. Waste not, want not.


So the soup was set aside. I made ramen eggs, which is found here. But I didn’t bother any more with the marinade. I set that aside as well.

For the meat, I followed the instructions, adding a bit of spice, a bit of ginger, etc.

Upon assembly time, I boiled the stock that I will be using, added a bit of the sesame tare. I then unpacked three packs of instant noodles (i know, I know, I didn’t have the energy to make ramen noodles at this point). I boiled the ramen until almost done. Then set this aside. On the bowl, I put a layer of meat, a spoon of sesame tare, half an egg, and some noodles, then topped this with the broth.

It looked like the one from Yushoken, and better yet, and it tasted, for me, as good! YUM.

Tedious tedious task. But worth the effort. 🙂


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