Influx of All-American Snacks :)

Lotus  Biscuit
Lotus Biscuit

As luck would have it, I have been struck with pneumonia over the weekend and have been confined in a luxurious hospital room but without a kitchen to work with. But now that i am feeling better, I can post some of things I cooked before I got bad. 🙂 And here’s a bad photo of me with my mask in my hospital bed 😛

Trying to do the smizing :) Smiling eyes or something.
Trying to do the smizing 🙂 Smiling eyes or something.

There are numerous new (and old) snacks coming out of the American manufacturers’ plants that seem to tickle the very welcoming Filipino taste buds. I have blogged about some like the Cadbury Spread, Speculoos Spread, along with the Fluff and Biscoff Lotus Cookie Butter. But wait, there’s more! 🙂

Apple Chips
Apple Chips
Apple chips
Apple chips

Lotus Cookies are here as well, which I learned to love going the US. Literally going to the US. Because it was served in Delta. THen there’s Seneca Apple Chips which we used to have when we were younger, disappeared from supermarket shelves, and is now back. And now, the many many variants of Chips Ahoy. 🙂

20131011_134512Of course, these are all junk food. :s But then, it’s still all good eats. 🙂


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