Not-so Jamba Juice


With the exaggerated price at P170 for a 22oz of Orange Dream Machine Smoothie from Jamba Juice (which I am currently addicted to), I needed to find a way to have my fix without spending so much. My first choice? Freezing an orange yogurt juice drink. 🙂

From the supermarket shelf
From the supermarket shelf

I used to do this when I was younger, for regular juice drinks in tetra pack, cartons. Cut off the top, and eat the frozen (mango preferred) juice with a spoon, scraping it off like a sherbet. 🙂

Scraped yumminess
Scraped yumminess

But of course, this was after researching a bit. Orange juice, frozen orange sherbet, and vanilla yogurt, were more or less the ingredients for jamba juice. But I had no sherbet, nor frozen vanilla yogurt. Other recipes required frozen orange juice concentrate, which we don’t have either here in the Philippines. So for the next trial, I have another idea. But this frozen orange Dutchmill has to do for now 🙂


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