Bono Artisinal Gelato

I was skeptical about this ice cream but I have heard so much good stuff about it. But you know how it is about fads, and how over-rated some things can get. But I was in the area, in Fort, that I decided that I might as well try.

If on a cup, it is served with a waffle :)
If on a cup, it is served with a waffle 🙂

There were a couple of  flavors that caught my attention. Mind you, there were only a few. Cookie butter, but that’s totally over-rated. Yep. I tried the red velvet flavor, and though I feel that again, that flavor has come and gone. But I was surprised that with a simple taste, I was impressed. It was like eating a thick and gooey red velvet cupcake in ice cream form, which it technically was. But the red chocolate base, with ribbons of cream cheese…ooooh. It was yummy. I finally asked for the Milo dinosaur for a taste, and expecting it to be substandard, I was astounded. I bought that on the spot! 🙂

Thick and creamy :)
Thick and creamy 🙂

And then I checked the price. It was P130 per scoop, which is expensive. And P200 for two scoops. Really. But it was really so good that I wouldn’t mind splurging on it once in a while. And I really LOVE how thick it was. Thick and creamy, which I like about Turkish ice cream.

Now if anyone can give me more information about Bono, please do give me a heads up 🙂


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