Cheese Chronicles#20: Ermitage Brie (France)


I have no idea where my other bries come from, but this is one of those that of which the flavor I can actually differentiate from the rest of the bries out there. I brought this from a specialty deli at P200 for 200gm. It is cheap, compared to the other cheeses I have bought.


I was surprised to find that the whole wedge was covered in mold. I mean, the white mold, which I adore. I thought that it would be like a wedge of parmesan cut from the wheel. But this one was just shaped like a wedge, and that’s it. Upon the initial slice, I found the cheese very strong. And as it melts, the flavors become more present. I realized that this is one of those cheeses that others would hate. And it is strong that I cannot eat more than a thin slice at time, about 5 slices everytime. 🙂

But for the love of cheese, I am enjoying this. Fab, fab, fab flavor. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cheese Chronicles#20: Ermitage Brie (France)

  1. Your cheese posts remind me of my visit to Borough Market in London over the summer, where the vendors handed me so many cheese samples I actually got quite full! You’d love it there, judging from your posts, so if you’re ever in the area… 🙂

    1. The closest thing that I imagine myself doing that was when I was in Singapore in Dempsey place where you can sample cheeses in a chese room! And also in the high-end hotel where they have a cheese room as well. Drool. I love cheese. I am planning to go around Europe in the next couple of years. So maybe then? 🙂

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