Thick-slice Bacon

looks YUM!
looks YUM!

There is a very limited menu when it comes to bacon in the Philippines. You have sliced bacon, maybe a sweeter version, and the trimmings. That’s it. Canadian bacon ihardly looks appetizing. And pancetta? Nah. It’s a bit refereshing to find another option, and this one is coming in soon. Thick-slice Bacon. I had this for breakfast and I dunno if I should be happy or disappointed. Yes, they were thick, about as thick as a ham. They would  have less tendency to curl up since, yeah, it is a ham. I also do like my bacon soggy, as opposed to crispy, so this thickness would work out. But knowing that most of the household preferred crunchy bacon, I attempt this, and FAIL. Miserably. The thick cuts of meat wasn’t made for crunch.

20131006_060352The flavor was spicy barbecue, and every attempt to make it crunch charred it, and toughened it. Not to dampen anyone’s excitement, it was like eating bacon flavored fatty ham, which is not so bad really. 🙂


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