Ice Pop Molds

:) Ice cream!!!
🙂 Ice cream!!!

When I was younger, I was browsing through a Tupperware magazine (it was colorful!!! And sooo glossy!) and saw some ice pop molds. I asker mom to buy it, and she got it for me and I had a new toy for a couple of years. They were so pretty but everything that went there was evil. You know, like orange juice mixes, and yeah. Sugar. I was actually thinking of getting another recently simply because our freezer is too full of food for me to put in the ice cream maker! 😦 This was just about a shortcut way for me to make some ice cream 🙂

And then ta-dah! A friend who went to the US came home with a box of…. ice pop maker! 🙂 It got me excited to make my own version of yakult and milo ice cream 😛 Or maybe frozen banana mush on a stick. But then, I don’t have freezer space as of now with both freezers stock full of food. But soon. Soon 🙂

Thanks Sushee and Kuya AJ! 🙂


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