Doughnuts :)
Doughnuts 🙂 I tried all the flavors I chose 🙂 

My friend and I were debating in the car on the way home from work the other time. What makes a good doughnut? She says light and airy, I say cakey and dense. So we are obviously on the opposite sides of the doughnut, uh, line. I am not a fan of this kind of bread, but I am not against it either, having made (or having tried to make to it) a couple of years ago. It interests me somewhat, but not enough for me to get excited over it. I do not scream, “Ooooooh, doughut!” What I say, instead is, “Oh, doughnut!” Minimal difference really. Just five Os. 😛 But then, as my friend and I got into brand debates, I then realized that it’s the characteristic of doughnuts that we really are going for. And as I said, I do like my doughnut cakey. 🙂 No wonder I love Country Style doughnuts 🙂

Yep, Krispy Kreme
Yep, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, not donuts

So on a recent trip to the mall, my mom saw Krispy Kreme and wanted to get some. She chose three flavors for her, and I chose the other three. I usually like the cruller, but their cake doughnut seemed to be the onnly one there that resembles that. And to my surprise, I liked the cake doughnut! Why? Because a cruller is a cake doughnut. Maybe they just changed the name for now.

I tried to like doughnuts. I even got the Nutella doughnut, just to make sure I like the topping. But yeah, the glazed chocolate cake and glazed vanilla cake scored it home for me. 🙂

Now the croughnut, cronut, doissant and other versions you might call it, is totally a different thing for me. I like croissants to a degree. I like doughnuts as well. But together, nah. Overkill, really.

How do you like your doughnut?


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