Quick Eats: Draft, Fort Strip

Cheese sampler
Cheese sampler

My friends were surprised to find out that I have never eaten here before. People are generally surprised actually to realize I don’t seek out restaurants as much as I should. 🙂 But then I like cooking more than eating out. 🙂 After good stories about this place, I was finally able to try it out.


We ordered the cheese sampler composed of Camembert, mozzarella and creamy bleu cheese, all deep fried with their corresponding sauces (like tomato sauce, chutney, and garlic aioli. This was followed by the sausage on a bed of mashed potatoes and a sweet wine gravy. Then the chili dog. 🙂

Blurred chili dog
Blurred chili dog

The idea of the resto being called draft is the plentiful assortment of beers. But I dislike beers so I would really just come for the food. 🙂

At P400 for my share, the food was relatively good. I would have stuck with the samplers all along,since I like a lot of variety and options for my food. And instead of the sausage, I would have gone for the sampler. 🙂 But over-all, not bad 🙂 I would love to go eat here again and try their other stuff.

This nacho grande was bought from another resto, Agave. But it looked so darn pretty to not include in this post. 🙂

Nachos :)
Nachos 🙂

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