Leftover Madness

Ate Pines, our househelp has been complaining recently to me that I should stop cooking for a while since our fridge has been slowly building up its contents. But I need to cook. For my blog, and for myself. I have been going through a creative slump lately and the only thing that is making me cook is needing more blog fuel. (So I ended up downloading Good Eats Series 13 and 14. Hopefully that will get me going as well. Momofuku has failed to put me on fire this time.)

So I surveyed the fridge and found some similar stuff. Fried chicken from yesterday and the leftover from eating out. I also found 6 slices of cold pizza from two batches of eating out as well. And I still have some other food leftover from huge batches of cooking. But those will be for a different time.

Looks like nothing of its former self :P
Looks like nothing of its former self 😛

Leftover 1: Fried Chicken

I searched the internet for different recipes of using leftover chicken but all I found were salad, burritos, etc. I didn’t have ingredients for those. And I had no plans of going out since I am on hibernation, um on office leave and want to just stay home. I decided to make pancit molo soup from the fried chicken instead. Ingredients were minimal and the wrapper can be bought at the nearby market.

We used to make the pancit molo from boiled flaked chicken, and I figured it would just be the same. So we did the same things except we used chopped/flaked chicken. The verdict? Well, it was good. But every taste of the dumplings, I found myself tasting the fried chicken. I found it a bit odd and hilarious at the same time. But that’s me. 🙂

Beefsteak tapa
Beefsteak tapa

Leftover 2: Bistek Tagalog

I love beefsteak. This is how we usually call this, except that calling this might confuse the non-Filipinos out there so I shall call it bistek tagalog. It’s thin slices of lean beef stewed in soy sauce, calamansi, and onion. We had this last week and haven’t reheated it yet. I decided that this could be perfect for breakfast tapa! Remove most of the sauce, add with a bit of sugar, and then fry in oil. Perfect with some fried rice 🙂


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