Rainbow Cupcakes

I feel guilty not having enough posts again to put before the weekend reached me. Argh. But I am trying.

Cupcake with whipped cream
Cupcake with whipped cream

My niece is celebrating her second birthday today! Yay! But since my sister is also flying out, we shall be having sweet but short celebrations. And in for this, I made Maven help me with mixing batter for her rainbow cupcakes. It is just so darn pretty. The taste is actually so-so. Not fab. But then, the kid had fun mixing the food coloring in it 🙂

Yummy, kinda :)
Yummy, kinda 🙂

I have made this before in its original cake form, the rainbow cake, but lost the recipe entirely. So I googled recipes. Though the original recipe was still the best one, I can hardly put more effort into finding it. So I stuck with a recipe on bakingbites.com instead. Rainbow cupcakes. And just topped this with whipped cream 🙂

Little colored cupcakes
Little colored cupcakes

More than eating it, we had fun making it. 🙂 hahah.


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