Malagos Chocolate


I recently attended an event for work where you become a critic for a whole day for a bunch of food start-ups. Of course, like everything here in the Philippines, you have to pay for this. But then you do get access to the food first (before being launched in the market) and you get to criticize everything there, with right! Going back to my story, I attended this and though I am familiar with this chocolate already, my mom got excited over this, Malagos Chocolate.

Acclaimed from the City of Davao in Mindanao, Malagos chocolate are local through and through. And after many disappointing bites of different versions of local chocolate, I have steered clear of this, except for my beloved tablea (local tsokolate – which referes to local hot chocolate), which is always good and yummy.

Cup of chocooooolate
Cup of chocooooolate

But this one, as my mom put it, is really good. The dark chocolate snaps off with a bite. The nibs are bitter and yummy at the same time, and their hot chocolate is soothing as well. We bought a little of everything, the nibs as my favorite buy, though I have yet to use it for cooking. But I did make a batch of hot chocolate, too bitter for my family’s taste, and a good lot of bitter for me 🙂

I always liked local goods, and this is one good time, along with the brand Hacienda Macalauan, wherein quality speaks for itself. 🙂 So worth it!

PS. I was not paid by Hacienda Macalauan nor by Malagos chocolate to endorse their brand or items. Though I would love to accept any of their products. Lifetime supply of cottage and cocoa nibs please. Hahaha 🙂


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