Milo Cupcakes

I tried this, envious of a friend’s post on Instagram. Follow me if you want, but I’m not foodcentric there as I am me-centric. But going back, I got jealous of milo cupcakes. So I googled recipes and recipes until I landed on the Nestle Singapore website here. I thought, this might be “THE” recipe I am looking for. But before you go clicking on the link, heed my warning. YUCK. I have tasted a few bad cupcakes, brownies, cakes (not all of them coming from my kitchen, mind you) but this one takes the cake. Yuck. And again, yuck. It was flat, a bit gummy, and it didn’t improve with the icing.

Cake, cupcakes
Cake, cupcakes

It was the first time I used Splenda the granulated baking sweetener, and I felt it was such a waste of good sweetener. And nope, I am not blaming splenda since I have used it before. I really think it was the recipe.

With the icing
With the icing

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