Disastrous Dinner at Sizzlin Pepper Steak

The overdressed salad
The overdressed salad

We were at the mall, and hungry. We were just waiting for my cousin so we had time to kill with dinner. We love Pepper Lunch and decided to try Sizzlin Pepper Steak. These are Japanese style of cooking, with raw meat and cooked rice served on a hot plate. You cook the meat, add the sauce, mix it in, and eat it. We have never had a bad meal at Pepper Lunch, but they didn’t have a branch where we were. So off to SPS.

Sstarted mixing before I tok a pic
Sstarted mixing before I tok a pic

The menu reflected an almost same style of menu with more complicated sauce option. But they bragged about customizing, so I was fine with that. We ordered beef curry rice, pork barbecue rice, and chicken ceasar salad.

Upon the table, we tuned the meat. I had to ask for the sauce three times. Then upon mixing the food, we discovered that it was bland. Really bland. Whereas in Pepper lunch you can eat it just fine, this one left me feeling like I have to cook my own food. I added salt, sesame oil with chili, soy sauce, too. But their specialized sauces, no thanks. We ended up complaining to the manager and all she can offer us was to write the complaints on the card for feedback… and we don’t even know what will happen with that.

Hunger wins over taste.
Hunger wins over taste.

I was planning to write a longer post on this but it felt like such a wasted dinner that I am not even going to bother.


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