Inihaw na Liempo / Grilled Pork Belly

I have been just using my new phone (Samsung S4), which I loooooove, to take pictures for my blog since I got it. Just damn easier to create focus points and blah blah blah. And I have it on me usually more than my camera. I do feel guilty about it, about leaving my camera behind. I mean, it is new, at least for me, since it was handed down to me by my sister. Am I weird having these feelings of guilt over inanimate objects? Just a random thought.

Pork belly :)
Pork belly 🙂

I think I have mentioned a couple of times what liempo is. It is basically the belly, or the rib part with the skin. Weirdly enough, when we went to the US last year and I had my own share of supermarket trips (I had a lot since I was so excited to cook), they have no cuts of belly. They have ribs, which is what the belly is, but trimmed of the layers of fat. How healthy can you get 🙂 We usually have this friend, like lechon kawali style (deep fried pork belly), but every now and then, we have grilled food.

Since this was tough cut (mom said), unlike the pork steak we had the other time, I was told to boil it first with some salt and pepper (I cheated and added some sinigang mix after it was softened to make tastier). Then grilled, or almost pan fried.

With rice :)
With rice 🙂

Mom said it tasted weird with the hint of sourness. But I was fine with it. I also grilled some tomatoes and onions and eating it like salsa with the pork. I had it with some sinangag and it was heaven, seriously 🙂 Simple food at its best. 🙂

Inihaw na LIempo / Grilled Pork Belly Recipe

Pork belly, sliced into thin strips (about 1/2 to 1 inch thick)
onion, sliced into wedges

Boil the pork belly with some water, salt, and pepper. Add whatever seasoning you prefer. Wait until tender. Heat your grill, or in my case, a cast iron pan, and let it char or brown a bit. Grill or cook some tomatoes and onions as well, seasoned with a bit of salt.


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