Scallop Fusilli

Cheese, scallops, and fusilli
Cheese, scallops, and fusilli

I used to call fusilli pasta as spiral. It is spiral, and it looks cute. But calling it fusilli just makes you sound smart. 🙂 And scallop spiral doesn’t have the ring that scallop fusilli has. So scallop fusilli it is!

I still have left over scallops, the really teeny tiny ones, in the freezer that I partially used for to make the fisherman’s soup here, which I adore. I actually have another bag to open, but that will be for another time. So this was about 1/2 kilo, and I have cheese left, emmental and parmesan, so I was raring to use it on some pasta. I figured that the fusilli would make it really good since the melting cheese would go in the spirals….. yeah.

Up close
Up close

So I boiled the pasta and set is aside. A bit on the underdone side, which I like, since it gets heated again when I toss it. Then I quickly stir-fry the scallops and then remove then from heat. In the same pan, I sauteed one whole minced onion, and half a head of garlic, minced as well, and chili flakes, in some butter. I then added a couple of tablespoons of cream, and the liquid from the scallops and let this boil. I added salt as well. I tossed in the pasta and adjusted the seasoning. I also added more cream (as needed, though it looked like I didn’t put cream in it), then the cheese. About  handful each of emmental and parmesan. Then on the table, I topped it with the scallops and a sprinkle of cheese.

The, uh, tuna :P
The, uh, tuna 😛

It actually looks pretty plain. i had some ground sauteed tuna on the side which I was supposed to toss in with the pasta. But the tuna smelled so fishy while I was cooking it (it was frozen) so I put it aside rather than mixing it in. But even without the tuna, it was really good. The taste was simple, not creamy nor overwhelmingly oily or cheesy. I think this would have tasted more fab with shrimp, but we rarely eat scallop anyway, so this turned out well 🙂

Scallop Fusilli Recipe

1 pound of pasta, cooked
1/2 pound of scallops or more if you want
a few tablespoons of butter
onion, minced
garlic, minced
chili flakes
a few tablespoons of cream
grated emmental and parmesan, or whatever cheese you like

Stir fry some scallops and set aside, along with any liquid, if there is any. Melt some butter, then add the onion, garlic, and chili flakes. Add any liquid from the scallop if there is any. Once cooked, add in the cream, and toss in the pasta. Add the cheese, and season with salt as needed. The cheese and cream will disappear in the grooves. Put on a serving dish, then topped with the scallops and more cheese 🙂


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