Happy September!

I have been up and about lately and haven’t gotten around to cooking new recipes or trying out my hand and planning any decent meal lately. Not that we haven’t been eating well, I mostly just cook on weekends anyway. But a sign of laziness was this soup I made. Nondescript since it came out of a packet. Two packs of that, added with copious amounts of chopped vegetables like carrots, sayote and squash, and you have yourself a much healthier soup turned vegetable dish to serve to the family 🙂 I do this regularly with canned mushroom soup. But with all the chopping, it really doesn’t feel like a shortcut. 🙂 This has turned out fit for today, though a few hours early. A humid and hot afternoon gave way to a steady downpour once the sun set. 🙂

Happy September everyone! 🙂 (And as they say here in the Philippines who are known for the long yuletide celebrations, “Ber months na, Pasko na!” The -ber months are here, it’s almost Christmas!)

"Homemade" soup! :)
“Homemade” soup! 🙂

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