Lasagna, Another Way of Making It

Lasagna :)
Lasagna 🙂

I have posted about lasagna long ago. I used to love making this. But the tediousness of it all was getting to me. I decided to skip making a separate red sauce. I also decided to add cheese to it, like grated cheese, in the middle layers. We usually skip this and just season the bechamel. But this time, since I have a huge block of emmental cheese, I used it, along with some quickmelt cheese. (What is quickmelt cheese? The Filipinos answer to mozzarella, parmesan and those melting cheeses. Usually, there are only two kinds of Filipino cheese, Kesong Puti, or block cheeses, which comes in one kind.)

So I cooked the ground beef, and added tomato paste. It was a bit oily, but yummy. Then I made the bechamel. Then I cooked the noodles. And I had the cheese grated.

Melted cheese on top
Melted cheese on top

I layered this, starting with the white sauce, followed by the noodles, ground beef, bechamel and cheese. I didi this for three layers until I ran out of meat and bechamel, and just topped the final layer of pasta with cheese.

This was saltier than planned, since it is my first time to make lasagna with cheese. The cheese stuck to the pasta. And I cooked the pasta tougher than usual. Mom likes it on the softer side. But besides the salt level, I found this really yummmmy. 🙂  Love it! The taste of emmental, tangy, was welcome from the usual creaminess of lasagna we make. this hits the spot for me.

Yummy layers
Yummy layers

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