Burger :) Huge one.
Burger 🙂 Huge one.

I have been eating burgers ever since I can remember. But I remember having them at home, made by mom, eaten them not with buns, but what else, rice 🙂 I didn’t know what salisbury steak was then, but apparently, that was that. My mom used to add bread soaked in milk to mix into the meat texture to make it less tough and more moist. She also used to add minced fresh onion, and season it accordingly with pepper and salt. And it was pork. Never beef. And that how I used to do it since that was what I am familiar with. But then i ended up eating at a friend’s house and they served beef burgers, and it was delish. I looked up recipes, found McDonald’s secret recipe and scanned it, watched enough shows, and notice that they also did little with the meat. After enough waiting, I finally did my own.

I got half kilo or a pound of pork and beef each. Not the lean cuts. The regular cuts with about 20% fat in it. Then I mixed it all, with as little handling as possible, and made them into flat round disks. I made about 7 from my 1 kilo (or less) of meat. I seasoned each side with lots of salt and pepper.

Frying in mostly its own oil
Frying in mostly its own oil

I also made a chicken version of this one, but since chicken is dry, and lacking in flavor, I fixed it. It was about less than a pound of ground chicken, to which I added about 3 tablespoons of oil, chicken seasoning, salt, and pepper. I then rounded them as well, and topped this with chili flakes. And then I put out the cast iron.

I first cooked the chicken, over low medium heat. After a few minutes, flipped it. Then did the same thing to the beef. Tender, moist and succulent.

I placed this in burger buns and they look fat and small. They really shrunk in size. Layered with some emmental cheese, they were fab. 🙂 I want to do this again. Soon. 🙂

Beef and Pork (and Chicken) Burger Recipe

1/2 kilo ground pork (not lean ground)
1/2 kilo ground beef (not ground round)
Salt and pepper

Mix the meat lightly. Form patties. Season HEAVILY with salt and pepper. Grill or fry over low medium heat. 🙂 Flip after about 7 minutes. I go for well done burgers.

Chicken Burger Recipe

1/3 kilo chicken
Chicken powder
Chili flakes

Mix all of the ingredients together. Form into patties. Grill or fry over low medium heat. Flip after 7 minutes.


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