Braised and Roasted Chicken


I made roasted chicken just because I was making lechon sauce. Apparently, the two won’t work well together and I refrained from serving the sauce with the chicken. But the chicken was cooked in a wee bit different way than the usual roasted chicken. I have posted about cooking the chicken on stove-top like I did here before, before putting it in the oven. So I decided the same thing here, though in smaller pieces since the chicken was pre-cut already 🙂

I was thinking of making it like the cebu lechon manok, so I put calamansi, onion, garlic, soy sauce, and salt. I let this stew until tender actually, and could have served the chicken like this. But instead, I put this in a baking pan and let this bake to dry up the outside. The leftover sauce, I allowed to concentrate, and added a dab of butter too. I used this to baste the chicken, and as a sauce for the chicken as well.

In the oven for a few minutes, and it was good to go. Flavorful, “dry” cooking. 😛 I cheated. I always do when cooking. It was good for me, and for my sister as well. Mom mentioned that she only likes fried chicken (not even going there), and kuya Dino found it a bit dry and lacking in flavor. Oh well. Another one to put in the shelf. 🙂

PS. That whole bulb of garlic? I ate that. Tender, mushy, flavorful. 🙂



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