Lechon Liver Sauce

This is worse than regular chopped liver :)
This is worse than regular chopped liver 🙂

I remember making this before (before I even had a blog) and finding it too liver-y. I am not sure if that is even a real word. 🙂 But in any case, the liver tasted really strong. We had an abundance of liver this time and decided to make use of it.

Usually, liver sauces requires that the pork liver be a bit on the rare side before emulsion. But since this was a whole lot of liver, all of the liver was cooked already and frozen. And when I say cooked, I mean really cooked. Like over-cooked. Cooked through. Like dead. But I was thinking that I can still use it.

Blender stick
Blender stick

So after reading a couple of recipes, I decided to make this without following any instructions. 🙂 I chopped the liver as fine as I can (not fine enough), minced some garlic and onion, and prepared the other ingredients. While sauteing the garlic and onion, I added equal portions of vinegar, sugar, and breadcrumbs to the liver and mixed it. The measurements soon went out of the window as I quickly adjusted the ingredients per step. I also added handfuls of salt and pepper. But the taste is more or less sour, sweet, not too salty, peppery and tastes slightly like liver. I adjusted the ingredients randomly, which is very difficult to put in measurement. I can just gauge what is missing based on what I have been eating all my life. 🙂

As a last step, I blitzed everything using my handheld blender (which I bought from the US! Yay!) but it still ended up a bit grainy. I strained it, and still, grainy. But the homey flavors is fantastic! 🙂 Maybe with raw liver, this would turn out smoother. 🙂 But good enough.

Sauce :)
Sauce 🙂



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