Milk Crumb and Cornflake Crunch

Just some sad news. The northern part of the Philippines, with the National Capital Region where I live, has been affected by INSANE monsoon rains for the past couple of days. I haven’t seen the sun shine out bright since Saturday, and it is now Thursday (I had a couple of glimpses today, that was good enough). Classes has been called off for most of the region, including some other areas due to the weather and insane rains. Glad to report though that we were not affected by the flood, but we are a few.  Work, since we are in a service industry, pushed on for Monday and Tuesday, but luckily, it was a holiday yesterday and many could rest from the insane weather. But now, most are back at work, and the water has subsided. But it it still some sad scary stuff. 

Cornflakes and milk, sugar
Cornflakes and milk, sugar

And out comes two products from the Momofuku cookbook! The Milk Crumb and Cornflake Crunch are just actually precursors of many recipes to come, ideally. But realizing that these are good for snacking, why even try making many more?! And this is how I ended up here.

Baked :)
Baked 🙂

Both are used as a crust, and as mix-in. And given that the title of the book is Milk, it’s no wonder they both have milk in their ingredients. Christina Tosi did mention that it has become her magic ingredient of sorts for a lot of things. These being one of those things.

So what is a milk crumb? It really reminds me of loose polvoron, which is how it looks like before molding. . And the cornfalke crunch? Reminds me of frosted flakes with less sugar but more creaminess. 🙂

Looks like crumbly polvoron
Looks like crumbly polvoron

Because I refuse to put recipes here from cookbooks I bought, you just have to google them from other sites to get the recipes. Sorry. 🙂 But the milk crumb is basically flour, powdered milk, a bit of sugar, a dash of salt and a bit of butter all mixed in until it resembles damp (white) soil. The cornflake crunch is slightly crushed cornflake, powdered milk, sugar, salt, and butter tossed together. Both are baked in the oven for 20 minutes. While the cornflake chills, add in more milk powder and white chocolate to the crumb and toss.

I ended up mixing both together as a snack. Sooooo yuuuumy. I need to make a new batch to cook with 🙂


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