Breakfast Bibimbap

Bibimbap for breakfast :)
Bibimbap for breakfast 🙂

The last I talked about bibimbap was here, but to those who don’t eat at my house (almost all of you), it was a continuous exercise for me until I realized I eat waaaay too much when making this. So instead of a daily experience, it has become a once in a bluemoon kind of recipe.

It was while eating paella that I got excited to make this for breakfast. My favorite meal of the day would become the best bibimbap ever.

I decided to “clean-up” the fridge by using my leftover chicken confit, and some rice in the fridge as well. But everything else, it was fresh. I sauteed some julienned carrots, scrambled egg whites (I used the egg yolk for the bibimbap), caramelized some onions, fried some matchstick-sized potatoes, and flaked the confit and fried it into curnchy flakes. I just wanted to make sure I had variety, flavor and texture. I heated the pan again, heated the rice with some sesame oil, and placed each of the ingredients. I placed the egg in the middle, added more sesame oil, and sprinkle of salt, then off to the table.

On the table, I added about 1 tablespoon (it served three) of the korean chili paste and mixed it well and fast. And initial taste was REALLY GOOD. 🙂 The crunch of the potatoes and chicken was perfect. It added some texture to an otherwise just plain fried rice. 🙂

I wanna make versions of this again. 🙂 And if you want to make your own, you can, with anything on it. Two things are constant though, the sesame oil and the gochujang.


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