Compost Cookies by Momofuku

batter that needs to be chilled
batter that needs to be chilled

I bought this book as a birthday gift to myself (why not? it was on sale due to some creasing!) and it is only now that I was able to make something out of it, though I’m sure it won’t be the last.

I had a get-together at my friend’s house and was deciding on what to bring. Though I already knew I was going to bring polvoron, a remembrance of my last beach trip to Surigao del Sur (the sand was so fine it felt like it was polvoron in loose form that we were screaming POLVORON in the beach). But it seemed unexciting. So I decided to get a recipe in the cookbook I am reading (yup, I read cookbooks) and landed on this compost cookies.

Most of the cookies in the Milk Bar recipe are started out with some heavy duty creaming of butter sugar. Then you just kinda mix whatever you like in it. The name, compost, comes from it being a dump-all-you-can kind of recipe. i didn’t have some of the ingredients called for though, so I dumped other stuff instead. 🙂

I found this recipe online also, here. So just follow that. Or buy the book 😛


The cookie was supposed to be chewy in the middle, but I think I overbaked and ended up with a really, really CRUNCHY cookie, which was good too! It was fab, actually, with the cookies I brough barely enough for people to take home (as they wanted). Soooo, I think I did goon on this one, except for the overbaking part. And the humongous marshmallow part. Yup. Those are some ugly marshmallows 🙂 Oh, and they spread. Like SPREAD. 🙂 In my pan, 6 would have sufficed. So instead of nice circles, I ended up with blobs 🙂


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