Quick Eats: Cold Stone, Serendra, Fort

The mix ins :)
The mix ins 🙂

I tried Cold Rock once or twice, before it completely closed. I remember eating there in Fort and Greenbelt. But it never lasted. Cold Rock is on obvious copy of Cold Stone. But I who loves smushed ice cream, for one night, chose Cold Stone over Gelatissimo 🙂

It was on the same night we ate in Saboten that we began hunting for dessert and i recall reading somewhere the new and happening Cold Stone. I have a soft (or cold?) spot for ice cream and can’t resist this. I remember when I was younger when my godmother would always give me a couple of bucks to go buy myself some ice cream. Yeaaah.

Mixing it all up
Mixing it all up

With the famous combinations and sooo many flavors, i was choosing between The Pie Who Loved Me and Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some, and decided to go for the latter. With humongous chunks of cookie dough, it was really yummy. A tad too sweet for my taste though, with all the thick ribbons of caramel. And the chunks were too big as well. But I was still one satisfied customer. 🙂

Kelvin's ice cream :) Yummy.
Kelvin’s ice cream 🙂 Yummy.

The ice cream was priced at P168, which is expensive for local ice cream standards. It was worth a try, but I would easily go back to buying vanilla and mixing my own. But making my own ice cream is just better 🙂


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