Quick Eats: Saboten, Serendra, Fort

Curry tonkatsu
Curry tonkatsu

Hardly quick, the waiting and eating. But still, it’s quick eats. 🙂

With the hype of the tonkatsu, I was able to stop my love affair with Yabu before it got out of hand (which happens a lot), especially with a branch so near my house! 🙂 But with the new Saboten, just opened recently in Metro Manila, I knew I had to try it. And with the occasion that my friend is celebrating her birthday, we easily found a reason to try this!

Side note here. Saboten is a Tokyo based pork cutlet restarant, and has been established waaaay before I was born. On the other hand, Yabu started the soon-to-be craze by making its own local brand. It copied major deals and stylings of imported katsu houses, but was able to establish its own name even before the katsu word started spreading.

I have had feebacks before this that this was supposed to be more expensive, but worth it. Let me be the judge. 🙂


I ordered the original large loin (with fat trimming) which is their basic kind, and one of their fast sellers. And all things remained the same compared to yabu. You had the salad, miso soup and rice, all in unlimited serving. Then you have the pork.

I ordered the large because my friend said we can finish it easily. But my bit was soooo thick I couldn’t eat it with my chopsticks! I had to ask for a spoon and fork, which never happened with Yabu. I couldn’t figure out if it was the thickness that made the meat difficult to bite off from the whole thing. Soooo. A real bad fail on that part.

On one note, I would love to go here again and try the other stuff, because the assortment is different from that of Yabu, I got curious how their other food tastes like. But right now, I’m feeling loyal to Yabu 🙂 The same serving is actually CHEAPER than Yabu, surprisingly, at least for the basic or original, which is what I ordered. The more expensive meal includes unlimited appetizer and has dessert, but with uniimited salad, soup and rice, who would want dessert? (We did! hahaha!)


5 thoughts on “Quick Eats: Saboten, Serendra, Fort

      1. you’re welcome! interesting lang na may labanos-topped variant siya. radish, if you like. haha. that’s what i tried. didn’t really like it. 😛

      2. I was supposed to try that one but I hate labanos! I was asking if it’s one and the same, they said it’s the Korean variant. Sana horseradish na lang than radish 🙂 That’s why I ended up with the original. Now I’m craving for Yabu. hahaha 🙂

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