Banana Jam

Banana is always in seasson :)
Banana is always in seasson 🙂

I easily get swayed by wondrous words. And they don’t even have to be directed at me. But loving words about food, makes me want to make it or try it or buy it. Yeah. I’m a food fool. 🙂

Cooking it down :)
Cooking it down 🙂

I stumbled upon this site, and was attracted by the witty name. I love Nigella Lawson. She’s so fuss-free, like how I would cook at home. And the name Not Quite Nigella will only attract those who know of her. Or know her. 🙂 So I was scanning the site and came across this recipe, banana jam.

Banana is very abundant here, and I have found no one who needs to preserve this here. But for those who like bananas cooked, like my friend Ara, or who don’t really like fruit, this is an alternative. 🙂

It simply involves mushing banana with sugar, water, a bit of lemon to cut the sweetness, and that’s it. 🙂 I put mine into two bottles, which proceeded to  vacuum itself. 🙂 Love science. 🙂

I tried it in a panini, with some chocolate spread. Heaven 🙂


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