Cuisinart Salad Spinner

Cuisinart :)
Cuisinart 🙂

I was with mom in the department store when I walked by the plastics area and found a huge box with the label of Cuisinart. Along with Kitchen Aid and Oyster brand, this is one of the few brands that make me stop and go look at whatever it is on display. I was also surprised to find this in the plastics area (the department store segregates plastics, from glass, from electric) since usually the brand features appliances.

With the spun basil leaves :)
With the spun basil leaves 🙂

So spying was done, and a smile came to my lips! It’s a salad spinner! One, I didn’t even know that Cuisinart has  salad spinner. Two, it was on sale! Three, it was still going on a lower price with exclusive discount the next day! Four, I have always wanted a salad spinner but never could justify shelling out around P1000 (usuallly in Rustan’s, about $20 – yup, I’m cheap) for such a single-task implement. 🙂 But this one, wow.

So after all the discounts (mom had to go back the next day to avail of the extra discount since it was for a specific hour only), it was priced at about P235, down from P500. I assume that these are outright items, meaning items the department store have bought on their own, then these are leftovers. Have bought a couple of non-seasoned cast iron pans for a very cheap price which work quite well too)

So I have tried this with basil, for my pesto, and it worked wonderfully. 🙂 A few turns of the knobs and water was gone. Surprisingly, it spewed out more water than I thought it could. 🙂 I would ideally be eating more salads now. So let’s go! 🙂


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