Kinilaw na Tuna (Tuna Ceviche, Filipino style)

I have been eating this for a couple of years already. I have beean eating tuna sashimi far longer. Why? Because I hate vinegar when it is uncooked. Friends can attest to this (hatred for vinegar). But finally, after going home with a frozen pack of tuna cubes, I decided to try it.

Just with vinegar

Just with vinegar

I followed Connie Veneracion’s Recipe for Kinilaw. I usually don’t bother with measurements, but I did here. But my recipe turned out bad. Bland, too sour, and something I couldn’t eat 😦 Maybe it was the vinegar. But I felt like it was too far from what I remember eating in Iloillo or Gensan. Frustrating.

Kinilaw, looks yummy. Not so.

Kinilaw, looks yummy. Not so.

I only bought one pack of this one. Soooooo. Will just try this another time, I guess.


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