Fisherman’s Soup

Soup, scallops, shrimp and shrimp heads
Soup, scallops, shrimp and shrimp heads

When I bought frozen scallops from the supermarket, I wasn’t thinking of making this soup. But their tiny size makes it fit for soup. And with mom’s suggestions as well, of turing it into a Fisherman’s Soup, I got excited. When she first said soup, I was thinking more in the lines of a clam chowder. Thick, with potatoes, cheesy, and hopefully, without the sand and shell that usually comes in the chowder (I have had some bad chowders in my life). But the Fisherman’s Soup looks better. Not as thick, in a red sauce, that screams flavors 🙂

I read some recipes and found a combination (in my head) that is bound to taste good. So with leftover cooked shrimp from Gensan, a bagful of scallops, I was ready.

I diced some onion, garlic, and carrots and sauteed this over medium fire. I added a can of tomatoes, whole, we didn’t have any other kind, and the soup from the shrimp (natural juices that come out once cooked), along with some heads of the shrimp that I peeled. This was salted and allowed to simmer while I peeled maybe about 10 or so shrimp.

With a taste, I found this PERFECT. i just added more water, and a bit more salt, since it was looking like a stew more than a soup. Then once we were ready to eat, I added the shrimp and forzen scallop and got it heated through. Then off to the bowl. And again, YUMMY. Best soup I have ever made to date. And one I will repeat as well! 🙂

Yummy :)
Yummy 🙂

Fisherman’s Soup Recipe

1/2 cup of small scallops
10 to 15 pieces of cooked shrimp, peeled, with heads and shrimp juice reserved
1 onion, diced
1 head garlic, diced
1 carrot, diced
1 can of tomatoes

Saute the vegetables until tender, then add the tomatoes, with its juices. Add the shrimp juice and heads and allow to simmer. Salt as needed. Add the shrimp and scallops, and if you prefer, add some fish fillet, and clams as well. YUMMY 🙂


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