Quick Eats: Mom and Tina’s, Makati

I am renaming all restaurant reviews as Quick Eats. Why? Because it sounds fun. Two, as opposed to the slow and long preparation of cooking food at home, this is the fast way, though its not fast food, to have a good meal. And three, well, “Restaurant Review” sounds sooooo formal. Which I hardly am. And though I would love to go through ALL the reviews I have made in the past three years (I don’t want to), I think that keeping the old things the same will show some sign of maturity and uh, improvement (I hope).

So now! Here we go to today’s Quick Eats: Mom’s and Tina’s!

i was in Makati a couple of weeks ago, and meeting up wiht Sushee. We just left her office when she pointed out a resto in the middle of the busy buildings. Knowing I’ll never eat in these random places unless it is with her, we parked on the street and walked.

Looked pretty good :)
Looked pretty good 🙂

I didn’t know what to expect, cuz I have never heard of it. But surprisingly, it was a bit expensive for a hole-in-the-wall. Well, it is located in the business district, of high-waged yuppies, so the market is there. And with a full resto when we went during lunch, they are hardly looking for customers. I was trying to save so I ended up choosing one of the cheaper food son the menu. It was some kind of chicken version of sheperd’s pie. Sushee ordered her daing na bangus (marinated milkfish) which was a breakfast dish. Our bill totaled to about P600, with Sushee’s food P100 more expensive than mine 🙂

Icing was pretty good too :)
Icing was pretty good too 🙂

Food was good. Mine needed some kind of texture because I was getting sick of the mush baby-food type of texture I was getting. If the top was blistered to a crisp, it would have been better. It just felt like a chicken ala king, topped with mashed potatoes. Sushee’s food also looked so-so.

Sushee treated me to a chocolate cupcake, with icing so thick it was sinful. It was good too, cheaper than others at P50. But would I go back here, nah. Maybe I would try the one more laid-back resto next-door 🙂


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