Surprise Find in Gensan: Shrimp!

After all the (self-caused) hulabaloo over tuna, we were in RDEX, a famous chain selling frozen tuna, and discovered one great find: shrimp, fresh shrimp at P250 a kilo. For those who don’t know, that is about half the price of what is usually sold in the market, supermarkets and wet markets alike. Now isn’t that interesting?

Now ready for eating :P
Now ready for eating 😛

Saranggani, where all this great shrimp (and supposedly other fishes too) come from, is about two hours away from General Santos City. I wonder why this was never hyped up. Maybe it’s not as exciting too look at as tuna. But our family is more of a shrimp eater than tuna. So for lunch to eat at my brother’s house, we bought two kilos worth of shrimp, then steamed them with a bit of salt. And we ate with our hands, like the typical way Filipinos do (nagkakamay). With dipping sauces from various combinations of calamansi, soy sauce, chili oil, and what have yous, we were haviing a feast (along with our Natie’s chicken, durian, rambutan and bananas. It was a feast for the family, and it was heaven 🙂

I am actually hoping a more interactive discussion from my 5 followers. How do I get people to write? 🙂 Hmmmm.


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