Durian from Gensan

Puat :)
Puat 🙂

We decided to hunt for durian. I have many misses with buying durian here in Manila. Either too ripe, not yummy, or something. But since Gensan is about 2.5 hours away from Davao, where durian, pomelo and mangosteen are abundant, this is about as near as we can get temporarily.

Priced at P45!
Priced at P45!

Durian is called Puyat in Gensan has varieities called chanee and puyat, and though it is far from the abundance of Davao, these looked promising. Priced at P45 per kilo, durian here is quite cheaper than that in Manila. Given that, these are also most probably, better tasting. We bought a small one, totalling to about P90, and brought it home.

Not overripe!
Not overripe!

PERFECT. Nothing beats a good durian. Sweet, not over-ripe, and creamy. I should have eaten more. Already, I am missing durian.

And yes, some people hate it as well 🙂


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