Mochi by Regent :)

I bought two packs!
I bought two packs!

I should be getting some money from this 🙂 But I am not. Calling for some Regent sponsors.

I was intrigued when this first came out in the market. I like mochi, and am curious if this is as good as any I have tried. 🙂 Each bag is about P65 to P70. With the assorted bag having 10 pcs, and the mango one, having just 6. I tried it, aaaand. Well, it’s good. But I’m missing some kind of “kunat”. That tough chewy texture usually found in sticky rice cakes. This was just soft and tender. Like an underkneaded pizza dough, or something.


Threw some in the freezer, wanting to see if if will create the consistency I get from mochi ice cream. (Update: The one frozen, straight from the freezer, IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER! Like chewy yummy! Buy this, throw it in the freezer, then eat!)

But on the fly, it is good if you want that mochi fix, without having to fork over the same price for about one piece of mochi ice cream 🙂 Good enough.

Mochi :)
Mochi 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mochi by Regent :)

    1. Must be out of the norm, and beyond the traditional, but if you do like ice cream, go for mochi ice cream 🙂 It’s ice cream wrapped in mochi. So it would be osmething familiar, but you get the taste of mochi. 🙂

      Or maybe find a mochi in your favorite flavor filling. The tradition is sweet red beans, which I personally don’t like. So I go for strawberry or green tea, which I love. 🙂

      Do try it! 🙂

  1. Hello! Thank you for the good words about our product, Mochi! We would love to give you some Regent goodies as our way of thanking you. Please let us know where to send them. Thanks!

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