Shrimp Roll

SHRIMP!So this is what I used the horseradish for! I am following a blog, which is in my blog roll, called Market Manila and was intrigued with the lobster roll. I like lobster, and I have eaten some bad ones. I think they are just giant shrimp, giant tasteless shrimp. So I decided to just use shrimp, cheaper, easier to get my hands on as well.

I bought some frozen shrimp, because I like the “crunchy, popping” consistency and texture it has, compared to making this from fresh shrimp. I did blanch the shrimp and shocked it again to coolness, to avoid destroying the texture I am after 🙂 The pack of 500 grams was about P250, so it was good enough, cheap too.

I bought some celery and minced about three inner stalks, and tossed this with the shrimp. I added the creamy horseradish mayo, squeezed half a lemon, added some salt, and let this sit in the fridge. And it was awesome!

I copied the regular roll look, using some hotdog buns. I toasted this, spread some butter, lined it with lettuce leaves, and topped it with generous servings of the shrimp. 🙂 A bit messy to it, and would love to try this with Japanese mayo instead of the usual mayonnaise. 🙂 But everybody loved it, with some “ang anghang! (It’s spicy!)” every now and then 🙂

Shrimp Roll Recipe

500 g cooked frozen shrimp, blanched and cooled
3 stalks of celery including leaves, minced
1/2 lemon, squeezed
mayo, to taste
salt, to taste
lettuce leaves, whole
hotdog buns

Toss the first five ingredients, and allow to sit for a couple of minutes. In the meantime, toast the buns, then put some butter. Then line with lettuce leaves. Top with the shrimp mixture, and eat! 🙂


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