Kraft Creamy Horseradish

Was hesitant to buy, but really good!
Was hesitant to buy, but really good!

While going through a supermarket, I realized I have never tasted horseradish. Or maybe I have, but didn’t know it was that. I got curious and wanted to buy some. Luckily, one bottle was open and I smelled the vinegar in it. Meaning, I didn’t buy it! I finally found another horseradish, the Kraft Creamy Horseradish, which I knew would taste better for me, at least. I dislike mayo too, but I dislike vinegar more 🙂

I have researched what to expect from the horseradish and found out that it tastes like wasabi. Too much like wasabi in fact that some people use horseradish, instead of wasabi, then pass it off as wasabi with the help of some dye. I liken the horseradish as being the wasabi of the western world. Or wasabi as the horseradish of Japan 🙂

Globs of blobs
Globs of blobs

Once I bought it, I tried it. Just a smidgen. And I loved it! 🙂 Is is exactly like wasabi. 🙂 But in mayo. And with the many wasabi-mayo versions of dips going around, it was exactly like that. A little bit of food coloring and I can pass this as wasabi-mayo 🙂

And I shall be using for a recipe soon. I already have one in mind! 🙂 Yay!


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