Restaurant Review: Tender Bob’s, Greenbelt 2

The salad
The salad

So we were in Greenbelt, Sushee and I, and were deciding where to eat for lunch. We were choosing between Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Tender Bob’s. Upon passing Chihuahua, we discovered that for that day, they were closed for a private event. So straight to Tender Bob’s I went. I was still waiting for Sushee, and decided to order some salad and pork chops. 🙂 Yup, I sometimes decide for Sushee, we have the same taste anyway. Luckily 🙂

So the salad came first, and it was the plain caesar salad. The pork chops were ordered with a side of “bomb” their version of baked potato slathered in garlicky cream sauce. The salad was okay, the pork chops were tender (though they tasted better without the gravy), but the runaway hit for me was the bomb!


It was like any other potatoes and cream, but this one was on the “hits the right spot” kind of creaminess. I am most probably gonna copy the recipe soon, like tonight 😛 And you will find out soon enough.

I would love to eat here again, maybe not on a budget. I was actually hoping their steaks were not so expensive but they were as expensive as any other steak place. Our bill totaled to about P600, with the salad coming out more expensive than the chops (seriously?). So maybe something more meaty next time 🙂

Tender chops
Tender chops

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