Whole Cumin

I recenlty went on a random food shopping trip to one of the newest malls in the metro, SM Aura. And really. I could have bought more, but it was the middle of the week and anything fresh will go bad before I can get to it during the weekend. My next few posts will be about interesting stuff I bought!

Cumin :)
Cumin 🙂

To anyone who has been following my blog, they are familiar with my random buys. Things I just like, and find absolutely interesting. The brand Taj is a common site in a lot of supermarkets, but one thing caught my attention this time was cumin. I use cumin for curry and Mexican food. But these come in powdered form that go really quickly. And I spied some sunflower-nut-looking stuff, I smelled the bag and read the label. It’s cumin! First time for me to see it.

Pretty :)
Pretty 🙂

So I grabbed some, it was about P150 a bag. Expensive compared to ground cumin. But how can you get any fresher then, well, freshly gfound cumin. But I cam imagine how different this is, like most instant vs. slow cooking food are. 🙂 I can’t wait to make my chili again. Yum!


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