Crabs! For P200 a Kilo!

Freshly caught, photo courtesy of my best bud Ara Juan
Freshly caught, photo courtesy of my best bud Ara Juan

This was worth sleeping in a fish cage for 🙂

Crabs are usually sold at about $10/kilo, or about P450/kilo, depending on where you are. And of course, though these little (or sometimes huge) critters are sold alive, you cannot get any fresher than having some one get it for you from the fish pen. We were eyeing some beautiful lobsters they had, but at a steep price of P900/kilo or P2800/kilo, depending on the variety, we decided to settle for crabs.

This was fished out of the water by a boy most probably in his teens. We requested it be cooked hot and spicy, and it was delish! A hint of ginger, some chili, , a touch of sweetness as well (possibly sweet chili sauce as the base), this was damn good food. And with a platter of rice, we were doing fine! The crabs were not that fatty (which I really love), but the sweet meat was great enough. I opted to go with a little dipping sauce of calamansi juice and salt, and I loved it even more. Ah, I should go back here again, to feast on the lobsters. 🙂

Freshly cooked :)
Freshly cooked 🙂

And yes, we slept in fish cages. These were like huts floating on water, and can only be accessed by boats. The whole structure would shake a bit, like being back in your mom’s tummy while she was pregnant with you. The water is calm in this area, they said, and it was maybe a kilometer into the water that the waves can get crazy while you are riding in a boat. But yeah, fish cages 🙂 Google Sibadan Fish Cages, it is located in Surigao del Sur in Hagonoy Bay 🙂


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