Perkedel Jagung/Indonesian Corn Fritters

Seasoned corn
Seasoned corn

First dish I cooked after coming from vacation. Meaning, this post would be delayed about a week from my actual cooking simply because I am flooded with the places I ate at during my trip and mostly birthday goodies 🙂

So the first thing I make is the one I liked best from our cooking class, even if that did not have a recipe. I was a bit familiar with the ingredients (very familiar, change that) and I remember how it tastes. And besides, I have my friend Google to help me. And that is how I discovered the Baahasa name of Perkedel Jagung.

In the yellow batter
In the yellow batter

I am seriously bad with the languages. I mean I can write well if I put some effort into it and not just follow what my fingers type (but it takes some time). But not the languages. There was a time I knew of very basic Chinese words because of Chinese friends pushing the language on me and a trip to Xiamen in China. But all of the words I learned came tumbling out of my brain soon after. I can’t even count up to 10 without being laughed at by speakers of the language.

Suprisingly, the Bahasa language came back to me easier. Maybe it’s the format or the familiarty because of using the same alphabet. I remember words I haven’t used since I was a kid when we would traipse back to Indonesia during summer because my dad worked there for a couple of years.  And the fact that the language is very famliary, and even the same in some words. But now I digress.

Fried spoonfuls
Fried spoonfuls

So there was corn, which I wasn’t even sure if it was raw or cooked (I ended up using steamed corn since they accidentally cooked our stock of corn), added some garlic and onion (I was missing the shallots, celery, and spring onion), added some chicken powder (we used Maggi Seasoning powder), turmeric, ground coriander, and a bit of salt. Mix with two eggs, and some rice flour. Fry, taste, adjust. 🙂

And it was just as easy as that! Of course the trial and error involved some guesswork (obviously). And it still looked a bit different from we made. 🙂 But it was really yummy. And the same way I ended up ruining my lunch in Indonesia, I ended up ruining my lunch at home as well, having eaten too many of the darned things!

Golden brown and delicious
Golden brown and delicious

Indonesian Corn Fritters

Shredded corn from two cobs
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 onion, minced
5 cloves of garlic, minced
rice flour (please omit all purpose flour, it ended up making my fritter soft)
turmeric, depends on you, I used about 1/2 teaspoon
coriander, ground, depends on you, about 1 teaspoon
chicken powder, to taste, about 1 teaspoon
chili flakes, if you prefer it spicy

Mix everything together. Be conservative in adding the salt or chicken powder. Just add after tasting if you need some more. The batter is a bit loose, like crepe batter, but works anyway. Fry a spoonful in medium-hot oil until a bit golden, then turn. Serve hot.

PS. My initial trial with only using the rice flour was far crunchier than the one with all purpose flour (because I ran out of rice flour). But with the addition of random stuff like water, flavorings, etc. I could have screwed that up on my own.  So yeah. That. 🙂


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