McDonald’s Philippines goes on World Tour

I really couldn’t think up of any other (witty) title. But you would understand after this post.

Chicken tray liner
Chicken tray liner

We were having breakfast in McDonald’s  (we were on a trip! we had limited choices!) when I noticed that my plate liner for my fried chicken meal says it was printed in Indonesia. Found it so cool that even local plate liners with “Love ko ‘to” as part of their localized campaign is made from a different country. Economies of scale. And it was from this point that we decided to look at all the wrappers that we had on our table. We had lots. 🙂

Rice paper wrapper is printed in China
Hashbrown wrapper is made from Vietnam
McMuffin wrapper
McMuffin wrapper is printed in Singapore
Local creamer for Coffeemate
Local creamer for Coffeemate
Is this really from the US? Heinz ketchup
Is this really from the US? Heinz ketchup

And it was at this point that I was saddened (yeah) to discover that the cup was printed locally as well. Not, maybe, in Malaysia? But it was a cool discovery to make. 🙂


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