Random Thai Snacks

I was lucky to try some Thai snacks during a recent meeting. I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were just told, Thai snacks. 🙂

First came the dehydrated durian. I love durian. I was recently craving some, until I bought frozen overripe ones. it cured me a bit, maybe until I get my hands on some fresh ripe ones. But since I eat this with gusto, I decided to try it. I was afraid of making the room smell, but noticed I was the only one who has not opened it at all.

Dehydrated durian
Dehydrated durian

It was dry alright, and smelled like durian. Obviously, it will not be the creamy fruit you usually get. This was dry, chewy. A small bite and the sweetness overpowered me. It was good, to a degree. Less durian power, more sweetness. But to the newbie, it will do. And in a quick craving, it will suffice as well.


Next was the anchovy. There is a local version of this, crispy dilis (crispy anchovy) and crispy pusit (crispy squid). But somehow, the Thai versions always taste better. Like this one. Really better. It is coated with  crunchy batter, then sweetened, or spiced. I didn’t realize it was spicy until it was lingering in my mouth. But it was good, after I got over the initial heat.

Chips :)
Chips 🙂

The last one was the fish chips. Nothing like the local fish cracker which was more flour than fish (but it sure does crack). This one is about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, hella crispy, and sweet too! I love this. I am amazed by how the Thai have learned to play with sweetness and flavors that isn’t so overpowering (except maybe for the durian). But I really liked this and went back to get some more! 🙂

So random scmandom of Thai snacks. Beyond the sweet-spicy tamarind, I love the sugar-coated spiced fish products. Sounds a bit crazy, but it is good! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Random Thai Snacks

    1. It is really an acquired taste. The scent is really strong, and it kinda never goes away. The way it smells is the same way it tastes, just creamier and sweeter. I would suggest durian candy, but if its ice cream you have, then go for it. 🙂

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