Cashew Butter Heaven

Isla Casoy (Cashew Island)
Isla Casoy (Cashew Island)

When I was in Vietnan a couple of years ago, I saw almond butter and wanted to try it. It was ridiculously expensive and I shied away from it. And here we were in Puerto Princesa, and with so many cashews in hand, i was too happy to find cashew butter.

Cashew Butter
Cashew Butter

I immediately asked for a sample from the store, and they had an open bottle. With a taste, I FELL IN LOVE. I was expecting for this kind of reaction with the Speculous Cookie Butter, which disappointed me. But this one was brilliant. Better than brilliant! 🙂 Like drooling-I-just-ate-a-pandesal-with-cashew-butter-but-I-want-more kind of drooling. Even now, I am already thinking of when I will be buying this again. 🙂

I don’t know how healthy this is, or how bad it is. But it is really yummy. The one we bought is branded and more expensive by P60 from the other one, but we didn’t know if we will be passing by the other area and just bought here. In anycase, it is really good!


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