Ka Lui, Puerto Princesa

Our seats :)
Our seats 🙂

After the very lackluster dinner at Kinabuch’s, I was a bit hesitant in trying another popular restaurant. Called Ka Lui, it as about as popular as a city restaurant can get. But requiring reservations, I was a bit intrigued. 🙂 So we headed down there.

Upon the entrance, there was another entrance, and here we were required to remove footwear. I was like, remove my slippers? Yeah. So everyone was mostly barefoot with the occassional socks in show. More limbered guests (I guess that is us) were given tables on the floor, while others were seated in regular chairs. It looked like a house, with a bit of art thrown in it, but mostly ahouse with wooden fixtures. And lots of painting. Lots of it.

Mango-avocado shake. Absolutely great!
Mango-avocado shake. Absolutely great!

The owner must some kind of artist, or friends with artists. He might also be named Lui, or something. It’s all assumption since I never got to interview anyone.

Shrimp :)
Shrimp 🙂
Fish steak
Fish steak, the green blob is the guacamole 🙂

Their menu too was simple, a two page, half a bond paper length of menu featuring mostly seafood, and a little bit of other stuff. 🙂 We decided to go with the shrimp in garlic butter, fish steak, and fish ala kiev, all served with soup. My favorite, hands down, is the ala kiev, with the crisp covering giving a different texture. The steak and the shrimp were so-so, making me glad we didn’t order a platter of the shrimp. We had the option of red or white rice, and mashed sweet potato, which both ara and I got. This was served with a spicy guacamaloe on a bed of grated coconut. This was the runaway hit of the day, kamote, or sweet potato. It tasted awesome! I don’t mind eating just that and the ala kiev. With some sauteed kangkong, and a salad of lato (some kind of seaweed) with tomatoes and onions, everything was shadowed by the sweet potato. 🙂

Ala kiev
Ala kiev
Free fruits!
Free fruits!

We were served free dessert of papaya, pineapple, and watermelon in half a buko/coconut shell, sprinkled with coco sugar. Yum.

It looked very unassuming from the outside, but it was as fabulous as it can get! 🙂 Highly recommended, until it too becomes commercialized. 😛



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