Kinabuch’s, Puerto Princesa

Sign outside of the place :)
Sign outside of the place 🙂

Frustrating to say the least. Found this recommended with a higher rating that most restaurants, only to find myself disappointed.

Perhaps it is the unusual fare of crocodile included in the menu, or the tilamok (woodworm) also being offered. After all, these are the reasons why we went here in the first place. But to find, not a quaint, provincial city restaurant, but a full-on resto seating about a thousand people, it was quite shocking.

On the menu :)
On the menu 🙂
The sisg - bleh :)
The sisg – bleh 🙂

So we ordered crocodile sisig, minus the tamilok since they’ve run out, plus some chicken in ginger sauce, and lechon kawali. All regular filipino fare.

Chicken in Ginger Sauce :)
Chicken in Ginger Sauce 🙂

We first tried the sisig. It tasted like any other soft sisig (as opposed to crunchy). Nothing fab, nothing different. Would totally skip recommending it to friends. The lechon kawali was as normal as it can get, with some Mang Tomas served beside it. You can’t even make your own lechon sauce? And the chicken? It was okay.

Lechon Kawali :)
Lechon Kawali 🙂

So, we got what we went for, the crocodile sisig. But again, no need to recommend this. I would entirely skip this place if you ask me. Skip. Totally.


2 thoughts on “Kinabuch’s, Puerto Princesa

  1. Maybe for foreigners this place would be a good recommendation for basic Filipino food offerings. If I’m not mistake they did have a wide menu offering so it caters to different food preferences and their ambience and service isn’t so bad. And location was easy to find. But for local travelers from Manila who’s eaten in places like Dencio’s this is a definite “skip!” as it reminds us to much of home.

    1. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it even. The place didn’t have its own signature. Like it tried to please everyone and decided to make EVERYTHING available. I feel it had no personality.

      But with the crowd, and the Ms. Puerto Princesa candidates ramping around when we were there, I guess I have to give them credit! 🙂

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